Founded in the summer of 2008, The Rialto Tie Company designs and sells exceptional quality, hand sewn, 100% silk woven neckties featuring a discretely placed pin-up model on the inside tipping of the backside of each necktie.  The Rialto Tie Company neckties are currently available for purchase online at http://www.rialtotiecompany.com.
Online customers are able to shop by model or by necktie fabric, ultimately choosing a personalized combination of model and fabric.  Quantities of each combination of fabric and model are limited.  The outward appearance of neckties from The Rialto Tie Company are indistinguishable from traditional neckties and are intended for wear at any occasion where neckties are appropriate.  The design of the ties is purposeful so that the image of the model is only viewable when an intentional effort is made.  Neckties are carefully inspected for perfections and shipped in gift-ready packaging.  Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed.