We are a London, UK-based tech company building a social media and communications platform merged with Blockchain in order to create a stable crypto trading platform.

We have attracted the best minds in cryptocurrency, Blockchain, AGI, advertising and marketing to make this vision a reality.

This merging of technologies creates a platform whereby the stable, decentralized exchange of information is merged with the stable decentralized exchange of currency, ensuring our crypto token, Chitcoin (CHC) offers new utility with almost no practical alternatives.  

This merging of technologies is the ultimate convenience as the barriers to widespread adoption are removed, meaning the general public can access our crypto economy and trade, easily and securely. Hence, the exponentially increasing value of CHC is guaranteed by exponential subscriber acquisition – organic subscriber acquisition being part of the network effect created by our game-changing “social Blockchain” technology and platform design.

We call our powerful suite of interlinked features and social ecosystems the “ecoChain”, from “eco” meaning “Noun. (ecology) a system involving the interactions between a community of living organisms in its non-living environment”  and “chain” as our “system” comprises an exponential series of decentralized, hyper-encrypted, social and financial “smart links” (or “chits”, “Noun. a short official note recording a sum owed”) that you control.

We are currently in pre-ICO. Join us today and help build a future you can bank on – anonymously, autonomously and securely.