At Richer Health Consultancy our main priority is to help people to prevent and beat chronic disease (like diabetes type 2, arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, psoriasis, etc.) and cancer through adopting to a plant-based diet.

We deliver our value in a range of formats, from books, to cooking-workshops, retreats, movie nights and other public events.

Our clients have success when they gain knowledge and a community of practice/support to help them develop healthful habits and practices.  Our offerings are designed to create many entry points  so it becomes easy for everyone to engage and start creating their own version of a meaningful, wholesome life where "health" means so much than the nutritional part alone.

Richer Health scales this offering in a blended online/offline format, creating regional clusters of online educational courses and 5-week programs linked to a book, next to in-person meet-ups with certified nutrition coaches.