The free Shake-N-Tell app comes loaded with story outlines that take the storyteller and his or her audience on randomly-generated adventures that might include a mouse who lives in a department store or a boy searching for a lost gold mine – each “shake” prompting the storyteller through the next step with text designed to inspire embellishment. “We say ‘elaborate, exaggerate, describe,’” Polito explains. Shake-N-Tell storytellers can follow the story line to the end – the possibilities expanding exponentially at each shake – or use it as a launch pad to tell their own tall tale.
Shake-N-Tell downloads free with four adventures. Story Packs sell for $1.99 with eight genre-specific adventures and a new Story Pack released every month. Got a little girl who likes princesses? A boy who wears his astronaut helmet to bed?  If that princess or spaceman wants to hear the same story mom told last night, Shake-N-Tell offers a 99-cent recording option. Grandma can tell stories to her grandkids from across the country.