Kupp Management Services, LLC AKA Ride Along GPS was created in 2009 to help families safely guide their teen towards safe, responsible driving decision behind the wheel of their car.  Our first and currently only product is the Ride Along GPS vehicle tracking device available to all consumers in the United States.  

Kupp Management Services / Ride Along GPS partners with Thill Logistics out of Neenah, WI to handle all customer service inquiries and fulfillment services.  KMS/RAGPS is well positioned to support and service rapid sales growth.

The manufacturer of the device has over 150,000 devices currently deployed across the United States in the business sector.  KMS/RAGPS has worked with the manufacturer to now affordably bring this technology to the every day American family.

About The Product:

The Ride Along GPS is a vehicle tracking device that is about the size of a credit card and is easily installed into just about any car 1996 or newer.  The device is an accountability tool between parent and teen that gives parents computer access to the vehicles location 24/7, displays how fast the car travels from point A to point B and how long the vehicle is stationary at each location by address.  

Mobile phone texts or email alerts can be set up and customized by the parent to notify them when the car travels over a pre-set MPH or when the car travels in or out of a pre-set geographical location such as a school zone or friend's house.  Alerts can also be set up to notify the parent of the car's location by address whenever the car turns off or on.  

The Ride Along is powered by the car through the OBD-II port (the port in which mechanics check engine diagnostics), and is small enough to fit underneath the dash out of sight.

We rcommend that parents be open with their teen about the device and explain to them why the device is necessary.  We find most parents communicate to their teen that the device is installed for their own protection while they learn decision making skills behind the wheel of their car.  The Ride Along also serves as a vehicle locator in cases of car theft and well as a back up safety tool to keep parents in touch with their teens vehicle during road trips or driving to and from college.  

In implementing the device we find it helpful for parents to share their experience in learning how to make driving decisions when they were young.  Like most teens, many of us made poor decisions that endangered our lives and the lives of those around us because we just didn't think about our mortality or the mortality others when we were learning how to drive.  

The Ride Along GPS provides the opportunity for teens to think twice before making a poor driving decision, as if their parent(s) were riding alongside them in the passenger seat!

The Ride Along GPS unit is $129.95 (plus $8.00 Shipping and Handling) plus $14.95 per month (starting at purchase) for unlimited airtime.