Whether you are looking for Columbus Ohio garage door opener Repair or a brand new garage door opener, Ridge Way Garage Door Services can help in Columbus. We are your trusted option for efficient,fair local service & maintenance of your garage door System.We believe there are 2 ways to treat Customers the Ridge Way and the wrong way.

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Honesty Ridge Way follows up on every customer and ask them to review our service insuring you where provided an exceptional experience the RIDGE WAY.Call Today-(614) 907-8252.

We Do what We Say Our technicians are held to a high standard in conversation and promises they make. Expectations are key in the service business and we want to set a solid foundation & it starts with simply doing what we say.

Accountability Ridge Way will not send someone out to your house that we would not want at ours, we consistently follow up to insure our guys are doing the right things.

Professionalism We believe that the expertise and judgment of our technicians is critical to our success. As a professional we will show up as such, Clean and prepared on every service call.