Right Path Education
If you have a child 4-9 years old that needs a boost in the right direction then Right Path Education can help. This is not a one-size fits all tutoring facility where children in masses  are rushed in and out according to one generalized curriculum. This self-paced program provides a setting where your child learns at her/his own pace. Completely customized instruction and guidance focuses on each individual child’s needs, learning style and personality. This is interactive, thinking outside the box teaching that builds the brain and shows children how to use their learning in the classroom and in the real world too.  The goal is to help every child achieve their greatest natural potential.

Tutoring is 1:1, by appointment only from offices conveniently located near NW Highway just west of Meridian Avenue.

The teaching is done by a certified teacher.  As a former public school teacher, she knows classrooms are overcrowded, creating an environment in which many children have trouble learning.  Teaching 1:1 (1 teacher to 1 student) allows the student the time and attention needed to learn at their own pace.