Rison is a professional company which providing business intelligent service and aim to enhance your business performance.
We present project consulting, world-class events including public workshop, conferences, customized trainings etc.
We are here to serves as a platform for you to reach the remarkable success of your future!
1.Customized training
Save Time/Save Money/Build Better Teams/Get Personal/It's Convenient
2.Public Workshop
Each Rison Training course has been extensively market researched to ensure that it is relevant, specific and based on clear learning objectives. They are designed to ensure that every participant has the greatest opportunity to learn and trtain the key skills indentified in our training needs analysis.
3. Conference
Rison Conferences division is dedicate to organizing high level conferences with industries and management strategies, focusing on providing senior executives with networking opportunities and access to the latest critical information. Leading corporate case studies and exclusive government presentations, which are not generally available, are the key ingredients of Rison Conference that makes us stay ahead of the competion.