The Rites of Passage Council is a 501©3 organization that has been offering services since 1994. In 2003, the council established itself as a non-profit charity so that public donations could be accepted. Donations are primarily used to assist those who want to attend programs and are unable to do so because of finances. During the past six years, the organization has facilitated 148 events with over 1800 participants. Sixty-one scholarships have been given that total approximately $17,000.  

Besides offering individual, couples, family and group sessions; the Rites of Passage Council’s programs include women’s day-long and weekend retreats, men’s day-long and weekend retreats, and co-ed day-long and weekend retreats. Several times a year, an extensive 6-9 day encampment is offered. Programs are offered across the US as well as Ireland and participants’ ages range from 11-85 years of age.  While the format and structure of the programs is similar, the content is varied and is determined by what the participants of that particular program want to learn, remember, heal and experience.

The Rites of Passage Council is dedicated to supporting personal growth and professional development; providing core training in ecopsychology, ritual process healing, ceremonial initiation, leadership skills, and supporting the creation of sustainable and environmentally responsible communities. They advance no singular spiritual belief system rather; support the opening of compassion and a trust in the Spirit of one's own understanding.

The non-profit is co-directed by Kedar S. Brown, MEd, LPC and Theresa Sykes Brittany, MS. Kedar is a licensed psychotherapist with over 24 years of practice. Kedar blends many creative and expressive forms of depth psychology with ancient methods of healing through wilderness initiatory passage rites for men and women. He is a guide trained in the pan-cultural methods of vision questing by Steven Foster and Meridith Little in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and has apprenticed with the Men's Leadership Alliance in the Rocky Mountains using methods of ceremony, ritual process healing, and community building among men. Kedar provides experiential healing modalities to, and is a consultant for, groups and businesses and has a private practice near Asheville, NC.

Theresa Sykes~Brittany has a background in clinical psychology and 22 years of experience providing spiritual retreats; women's circles; and individual, couples and group sessions; Theresa offers her personal and professional insights through soulful connection, meditation, journeying, emotional-physical and mental alignment, self-empowerment and expression, Ceremony/Ritual, Blessing Ceremonys for rites of passage (birth, puberty, marriage, divorce, eldership, death), and the process of recovery. Theresa provides nature-based experiential programs of balancing and healing that include the SweatLodge Ceremony and the Vision Quest Ceremony. She works with Elders in various indigenous traditions and blends these ancient ways of living with modern day ways. She has a private practice near Asheville, NC.