River Horse LLP has been founded in 2007 in the UK (Nottinghamshire).
Our company’s mission statement is to design, produce, import and sell elegant board games.
Our products will always be easy to teach and easy to learn, but difficult to master!
We think that too many rules spoil the fun. Want an example? Check out Shuuro, our first game.
At present we have distribution agreements in the UK, US, Italy, Ireland & Finland.
More agreements are being negotiated with Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Poland, Sweden, Japan and Switzerland.
Our personnel and our ambitions are international, as we are a mix of British reliability, Italian creativity, Japanese working ethic, French flair and Chinese know-how.

The executive team of River Horse Games is made of two talented, strapping fellows (or so they say). Meet the team:

Alessio has designed games for the last twelve years, mostly for Games Workshop PLC, with which he still collaborates as a part-time rules design consultant.
River Horse Games is his venue for flexing his creative muscles in areas of the wide gaming industry where his collaboration with the British retailer/manufacturer would not take him.  


River Horse’s range of products includes:

A new way to look at the traditional game of chess. The players are not forced to field a given set of chess pieces on the board, but can choose which pieces to field, based on their skill and tactical preferences. The innovative gaming board changes every time you play, so that each game introduces a different challenge.

TURANGA (in progress)
How can you make Shuuro even more fun and entertaining? Well, double it up! Turanga allows you to team-up with a friend and take on a pair of opponents in a two-versus-two battle of wits that is never the same. Good team coordination is essential to defeat the enemy!

EDO-LUDO (in progress)
An educational game that, though fun and cooperation among the players, teaches a correct approach to healthy eating habits. Increase your exercise and dodge the dangers of fast-food on your way to gain total victory – with a balanced diet!

Have you ever thought about using the great tool of a board game to promote your business in a new and original fashion? Or maybe spread your message through a user-friendly and enjoyable alternative media?
Like in the case of Edo-Ludo, River Horse Games offers a complete package that includes designing, producing and delivering to your door great looking, simple and fun board games that can satisfy your corporate, educational and promotional needs.
And that’s not all, through our extensive contacts in press offices around the world and our expertise in on-line marketing, we will give your game instant visibility on the web and in specialist press.
So, what are you waiting for? Contact us immediately to commission your new board game!