About Our Company
Riveting Skincare was created to fill a gap in beauty products for those women whose daily life involves some serious strength. Few beauty products hold up to strenuous conditions. And worse, their ingredients and properties usually cause ugly problems like rashes, acne and fungus.

So began Riveting Skincare, the brainchild of Sarah Mackesey. As a police woman whose daily job involved donning a uniform complete with heavy boots, she and her fellow police women often had to deal with athlete’s foot. Products that treated the problem often wreaked of menthol and left their feet rough.

Sarah enjoyed being feminine just as much as she enjoyed her job. Luckily she also had a healthy obsession with beauty products. So she went out on a limb to create her first product, Rosie’s Toesies.

With the success of this cream among the women in her department, Sarah created Riveting Skincare with the goal of formulating a long line of products that fill the gap between effective treatment and personal care. We call it Functional Beauty.