Leading business success

The core of successful business is effective leadership. Leadership that unearths improvement opportunities and implements beneficial change. At R&G, we empower leaders to optimise operational and supply chain performance through leveraging data-driven insights. Our guidance sharpens focus, enables better decision making and galvanises teamwork. From exploration all the way through to implementation.

By assuming nothing, questioning everything and challenging existing paradigms, we open the door to the next level. The passion and personalisation we bring to our client partnerships results in profound learning, sustainable transformation and significant business process improvements.  

R&G was founded in 2004 by former GE Lean Six Sigma architect Piet van Abeelen. Our hands-on senior consultants have successfully completed more than 1000 programmes and projects at 200+ major companies in various industries, wholesale, retail and services. Because we maintain a presence all around the world, we have the local knowledge and ability to accelerate clients’ business anywhere.

Accountable partnerships | Inspiring insights | Accelerating results  


R&G Global Consultants is listed as best Supply Chain Consultancy in the Netherlands in 2019