Areas Of Expertise:

Fiction writing:

Science Fiction, Romance, Historical, Fantasy, Horror, Slipstream, Young Adult.


Books on UFOs and Ancient Aliens, as well as other Mysteries.

Articles on how to write science fiction, horror, romance, fantasy, slipstream, and all related subjects. Also, Learning lessons, travel, cooking, history, science (for lay persons), etc.


Science fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Romance, Regency Romance, Historical Romance, Historical, Suspense, Thrillers, Mystery, Slipstream. Currently, Rob has a Regency Romance, Veracity In Truth, out with Class Act Books. He will have two other novels, Lost Echoes, a time travel novel, and Faith and Fallibility, the sequel Regency Romance to Veracity In Truth, out with Red Rose Publishing in 2010


Freelance Writing, Author, Editor, Technical Writing, Resident Columnist, Book Reviewer



Columnist AlienSkin Magazine, columnist (3.5 years) and acted also as occasional editorial assistant.

Associate Editor, Red Rose Publishing

Associate Editor, Wonderlust Magazine

Book Reviewer, Novelspot

Factual Articles on writing science fiction, etc., for various magazines (7 years).

Freelance/Technical Writing for various companies, such as IBM Courseware, Ashley-Tate, Xscribe, etc (12 years).

Current Publishing Credits

Short Stories: Jim Baen’s Universe, Aberrant Dreams, Sonar4, Fables, Fifth Dimension, Continuum SF, Planetary Stories, AlienSkin, Pulp Spirit, Arabella Romance, Uncial Press, Gateway SF, AweStruck, etc.

Novellas: Aberrant Dreams, first hardcover anthology, The Awakening (November 2009). "Avenger of the People," along with such truly great writers as Alastair Reynolds, Mary Rosenblum, Ian Watson, Howard V. Hendrix, etc. Novella with Planetary Stories, Bug-Eyed Monsters (out now). Sonar4 Publications, Phase 4 anthology, short story, "Green Waters," due out in February, 2010.

Novels: Veracity In Truth, a Regency Romance With Class Act Books, Lost Echoes, a Time Travel novel, as well as Faith and Fallibility, a Regency Romance. Both these books are due out in 2010 with Red Rose Publishing.

Home Web Page: http://home.earthlink.net/~robngeorge/