Presidential Candidate with 32 Years experience in all forms of law and working with government.

Working hard to be elected to bring a 100 Million Plus Jobs Plan to the people of America and return all their rights and liberties and work for ALL the people. I am dedicated to demonstrate true leadership by Gods word guided by the Holy Spirit to work HONESTLY and come in and crush and remove all evil.

By doing that and creating a Christian Science Museum Library I will allow the public free choice of Religion but by evidence prove every word of God and Jesus are real. Then people will have a final chance to decide their life's fate prior to any world ending coming of Christ etc

In my opinion Jesus gave us and ultimatum as the highest commandment to love each other and care for each other. I am concerned our hearts have become so filled with hatred and division  God is saddened that if the world ended today he will not have all his children that they have fallen to the entire inhabited earth being misled by the wicked one as the Bible says.

I feel I have such self trained diverse job experience that I represent everyman and understand exactly what they are feeling.  I have also investigated every religion to be m ore compassionate and understanding.  I don't believe any are so far apart that we should be fighting etc.

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