Founded by Robert L. Jamison, PhD. is a professional Behavioral Health and Wellness center corporation supervised by a medical doctor, and services are provided by nurse practitioners and registered nurses. Our mission is to promote health and wellness through services tailored to help you live a quality life. Our goal is to help individuals make life altering transformations that are guaranteed to increase the quality of our patient's lives. Alternative Healthcare LA & Alternative Health Wellness Center, Inc. provide Chronic Care Management, with an emphasis on chronic disease obesity, we do vitamin IV infusion therapy in the comfort of your home, and we have a vitamin injection bar that includes B12, Vita B complex, Glutathione and Lipo Mino.

We are a mobile practice that brings the clinic to you, no travel, no waiting room, and we work with your Primary Care Physician (PCP) to ensure continuity of care. Read on and learn more about our new Diabetes Treatment Modality Called "Advanced Diabetes Infusion Treatment" (ADIT)

About Our Clinic

We also offer a best-in-class therapy to treat metabolic disorders such as type 1, type 2, prediabetes and insulin resistant patients. Our state-of-the-art diabetic infusion system provides physicians with the tools to help patients get their lives back.  

Alternative Healthcare LA is an advanced diabetes healthcare center that treats patients using a combination of patented and traditional medicine. Our revolutionary approach includes a physician-directed metabolic restoration program that is conducted through an individualized patient care plan.

Our mission is not to improve your symptoms.

Our mission is to address the root cause of diabetes.

I am Robert LJamison, PhD, a 35-year healthcare provider and founder of Alternative Healthcare LA. With over 20 years experience as a former Fellowship Physician Assistant in cardiovacular neurology general and plastic surgery. I wanted to introduce myself and provide some important information regarding our ADIT program. Our experience, medical team, and I are dedicated to helping you get out of pain and get back to feeling great again. Give us a call and tell us about your health issues and set up a consultation to discuss the treatment that will best get you back to optimum health. As your ADIT consultant, I promise to sit down with you, face to face, and be attentive, present, focused, and actually listen."We offer a groundbreaking drug-free Advanced Diabetes Infusion Therapy Modality (ADIT), also known as Physiologic Insulin Resensitizatiom-PIR

After serving over a decade as a Clinical Research Assistant for T1 T2 Diabetic patients. We're super excited to announce the launch of our new Diabetes Infusion Therapy Modality. Within 45 days of marketing our ADIT program, we currently have 105 clients enrolled in our induction phase. Also, as an additional service in January 2024, we'll roll out our new PIR Mobile clinic bus severing clients for a group of medical providers and endocrinologist at 4 medical facilities throughout Southern California.

While I manage the Advanced Diabetes Infusion Therapy program and the mobile IV clinic, our medical directors will be in charge of the supervisory of our nurse practitioners and registered nurses. We have acquired a Four Winds International, which is a custom-built Mobile bus. Our mobile clinic and concierge services idea will be convenient for a lot of people who can not come to us. Not to mention there are thousands of people in the Los Angeles area that need access to our Advanced Diabetes Infusion Therapy; even in the hospital, but one thing for sure is there are no other mobile physiologic insulin resensitization (PIR) services in Southern California at all."

The mobile IV clinic and lab would be like a mobile MRI, parking at a doctors office or hospital as patients are brought inside for the procedure. Since all the principals have years and decades of experience in IntravenousTherapy, they're turning first to the physicians they know to build a referral network. For more information, call me right away to  inquire about our Advanced Diabetes Infusion Therapy Modality, also known as (PIR), available at our clinic located in Beverly Hills, CA

At each Alternative Healthcare location, the (ADIT) IV drips are handled by Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses and LVNs certified in Intravenous Therapy under the guidance of a licensed medical director, according to (Observational Study) The treatment will help with diabetic neuropathy and HBA1C Reduction. AHC will also screen patients for emotional & Behavioral Health Problems to identify signs of Depression or anxiety.