Blue Bone Books publishes poetry, children's and spiritual books that have relevance to today's cultural changes necessary to inspire our new emerging world culture.

Since 2007, Blue Bone Books has focused on publishing metaphysical books that empower people to take charge of their spirituality. Among the titles published include "Ceremonies from the Heart for Children, Adults and the Earth," "Heart Path, Learning to Love Yourself and Listening to Your Guides," "Heart Path Handbook," "Energy Medicine Guide for Therapists and Healers" all written by Robin White Turtle Lysne. Other books include "Meldek, the first 1000 years" by Doug and Carol Horner and their guides.

Selections of poetry are also a cornerstone to Blue Bones Books authors. Most of our books showcase the talents of multi-genre poets and artists with their original visual or musical work presented with the poetry. Among the talented poets on our roster include Marcia Adams, Robin White Turtle Lysne, Stuart Presley, Janet Trenchard, Lisa Simon, and Phil Wagner. Blue Bones Books poets are part of our cooperative poetry press with monthly collaborations in Santa Cruz.

The first children's book published by Blue Bones Books is "Summer Street" by Margaret Bond Smith.  "Summer Street" is the story of adventures, challenges and triumphs of Florence and her brothers and sisters. Ideal for a third grade reading level, the book teaches children how to do things we take for granted today. It is complete with illustrations by the author.