We are twin brothers, Richard Robinson and Robert Robinson,  devoted to Earth adventures and environmental protection. We produce standard-definition and high-definition videos, photographs, articles, and books covering topics related to understanding, appreciating, and enjoying Nature and natural and human history.

We have an online store selling products with photos weve taken on our travels. Click on the link to look over the posters, mugs, totebags, and other items available at our store. www.CafePress.com/RobinsonTwins

We have our video series available for online sales and direct orders. All can be ordered for $29.95 ($24.95 plus $5 shipping, handling, and sales tax) from our business address at: The Robinson Twins, PO Box 25594, Fresno, CA 93729. We've also set up online ordering through CreateSpace/Amazon. Our web site has links to the series' information page and for ordering at www.RobinsonTwins.com.

Richard is a computer consultant, as well as a computer and photography teacher at Fresno Adult School. Robert is a published writer and photographer, including articles about Death Valley, Yellowstone, Crater Lake, and Lassen Volcanic. We've been published together with articles on Kings Canyon and Craters of the Moon.

For some of our travels, we use biodiesel and vegetable oil as fuels as lubricants to reduce our carbon footprint and help society move toward a sustainable future.