Employee Owned Enterprise, Focused on Product Development- Rock West

Rock West is comprised of three integrated companies providing engineering for aerospace & defense technologies, advanced composites manufacturing, and real estate development.

Rock West Solutions is a company focused on bringing to market products that require one or more of the attributes of advanced materials: low weight, thermal stability, high strength and/or stiffness, radio frequence performance, infrared/electro-optical performance.  We excel at combining these multiple engineering diciplines to create affordable system solutions.  We develop our own products and products for clients in a wide variety of industries. We partner with our clients through contract services, venture partnerships and internal investment.  We can compliment your development efforts with additional skill sets and expertise during the design, prototyping and inital production phases necessary to bring your new product or technology to market

Rock West Composites utilizes a variety of composite manufacturing techniques including, but not limited, to roll-wrapping, filament winding, press curing, bladder molding, and oven curing. You may select from multiple manufacturing processes to be confident you’re getting the best solution for a particular application.

Rock West Properties is a real estate development company specializing in land speculation, property development, and income producing property for both residential and commercial projects.