We are a boutique firm of ex-Investment bankers, now consulting to Corporates across the following three core services:

Debt Raising and Project Finance

We help Corporates access funding. We can either step in and execute the complete process, or we can guide you and your team through the process.  We have been assisting Corporates in debt raising for > 10 years, and since 2016 have worked on >A$2bn of funding across Project finance, export credit, equipment finance and other avenues, and across all levels of the risk spectrum from senior to mezzanine and to hybrid or subordinate debt.   RFA is staffed by ex-Investment Bankers. We’ve had over 90 years lending experience between us,  so we already know the questions Credit will ask and the due diligence and documents required.  Clients engage us because we simplify the process. We do all the work and let the client focus on running the company.

Corporate and Transaction Support

We also assist where there is no financing involved i.e.

– Valuations
– Project feasibility studies: writing some or all chapters of marketing material and offering documentation : from PFS to DFS to Information Memorandum
– Contract review and due diligence i.e. Technical, Legal, Engineering, Market, Insurance, Risk, Social Governance & Environmental, FX, Hedging, etc
– Creating presentations for, and presenting to Board/ Management/ Investors/ Stakeholders
– Investor Relations role / being the contact point for questions from external stakeholders
– Assisting in one or a few elements of a larger transaction, if that’s all the client requires.

Financial Modelling and Audit

Some of our assignments are pure modelling, and for a variety of end uses. For instance : Buying/ Selling/ Borrowing/Lending/ Valuations, or simply assisting Corporates arrive at correct forecast cashflows. We can “start from scratch” i.e.  build you a new easy-to-understand financial model, or re-build an existing model, or undertake a model audit (of either your own or one you’ve received). Across all assignments, clients want us to essentially “uncomplicate” the numbers- so that’s what we do. We leave them with an easy-to-understand financial model. If the cashflows are clearer, so will be the decisions.