BLACK VELVET DELUXE takes you straight back to rock n roll’s pure roots.  Great hooks, driving chords & powerful lyrics pay homage to sleaze rock's pioneers. New fans are mesmerized and die-hard rock fans are intrigued with BLACK VELVET DELUXE’s commitment to gritty, raw rock n roll.  

Experience a brilliant blend of musical influences as BLACK VELVET DELUXE allures listeners with their addictive songs. When the drums go from half-time to full-time, the guitar follows with movement from one octave down to another.  Power chords are incorporated during main riffs to heavy-up the sound and single note guitar lines add a funky sleaze undertone to the verses. The dynamic bass lines and furious drums drive most of the songs. But then they aren’t afraid to take a back seat to the vocals during the requisite rock ballad.  An infusion of punk, courtesy of drums and bass, adds intrigue to BLACK VELVET DELUXE’s sound.  

Frequent utilization of open chords enlivens the richness of a Les Paul and pentatonic blues scales add a soulful aura to the smooth, velvety vocals on the rock ballads. Going from unrivaled sensuality on one song to knock-down nitty-gritty on the next, the range of BLACK VELVET DELUXE’s vocals and lyrics provides a different “favorite song” for each fan. Their experience shows in their musicianship.

Catchy tunes, driving beats and tight technical proficiency make BLACK VELVET DELUXE a sure hit.