Rockford Greene International provides business optimization services for all of the key business elements: Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, Morale, and Environment.

At Rockford Greene International we help organizations to Operate more effectively in all key  business metrics: Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, Morale, and Environment.  At Rockford Greene we match your business needs with one of our top business experts.  When you do business with Rockford Greene you build your bench strength without adding the salaries associated with bringing performance improvement experts on staff.  We'll get your started, teach you how to sustain the improvements and then go away until you need us again.

Don't HIRE an expert, we'll let you use one of ours.

At Rockford Greene International we don't tell you your business, we help you to enhance the things that you do well while eliminating the things you wish you didn't do at all.  Rockford Greene employs a team of highly skilled consultants, trainers, project managers, and  manufacturing and health care professionals ready to aggressively and professionally indentify and recommend appropriate solutions and help you to implement them.  Once your problem is solved so are we (but we're betting you'll invite us back to help with your next business challenge).  When you hire Rockford Greene International you get a team of experts.  Need a quality system? Rockford Greene will assign a quality professional with the appropriate skill set for your particular situation.  Looking to beef up your management team to meet the challenges associated with planned growth? Rockford Greene will provide you with an expert in Organization Development.

Rockford Greene has a proven track record of improving workplace efficiency and profitability through the enhancement of an organization's performance in worker safety.  Companies word-wide waste billions on worker injuries.  While some safety service providers promise culture change, only Rockford Greene can tailor a safety management process solution that will meet your specific needs to create a self-sustaining problem solving culture that will relentlessly seek out and eliminate the causes of workplace injuries.  Let Rockford Greene build you a safety management process that will save dollars (and lives) and make sense.

As companies grow, their need for more sophisticated quality systems grow with them.  A poorly designed Quality Operating System can destroy an organization's credibility, create a negative customer experience, and do long term damage to the business.

At Rockford Greene we understand that time is money, and in and increasingly competitive global environment only the fast survive.  From value stream mapping and one piece flow to the latest in lean principle technology Rockford Greene International can help you to bring your goods and services to market faster, safer, and more cost effectively.

Running a cost effective business have to mean pinching pennies.  Let Rockford Greene show you how to foster a culture where your people actively seek to reduce costs and provide more value through the rigorous and relentless elimination of waste in the workplace.  You can save money while making your organization a better place to work.

While its true that workers who enjoy their jobs and who are happy working for you are more productive. But at Rockford Greene we take morale to a whole new level.  Let us work with you to create a succession plan, devise 360° evaluations, or provide leading edge training and leadership development programs to help you build the team you'll need to rise to the challenges ahead.

It seems like everyone's going green these days.  Why not go Greene instead? Rockford Greene will help you to develop an environmental strategy that is effective, cost effective, and that supports your business strategies.