Rodin4D, CAD/CAM system for the prosthetic and orthotic profession. Scan your patient, rectifiy the 3D shape, and program the milling by a carver or a robot.
A complete range of products to make orthopedic devices !

Discover the Rodin4D solution, CADCAM system for orthotics and prosthetics wich features a 3D rectification software, a 3D scanner and milling machines or 7 axis robots.

=> Replace conventional plaster moulding with digital impressions made using the Rodin4D 3D scanner.  

=> With the Rodin4D CADCAM software for orthopaedic, digitally rectify your patient's form applying all the tools required for the prosthetics and orthotics correction.

=> With the Rodin4D milling machine for orthopaedic, programme the milling of the rectified positive which will serve as the base for manufacturing your device.

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