The London Rolling Film Festival, run by an all female team, is a quarterly event with the purpose of showcasing talented filmmakers and put them in contacts with industry professionals as actors, directors, producers but also make-up artists, fashion designers and journalists. It's a vibrant event in constant evolution.

To keep it interesting (and fun) at each screening we will have a competition for Best Film, decided by popular vote at the end of the night, with the winner receiving a small cash prize. We also have Sponsors Awards.

Open to the public.

Anyone can enter, as long as you follow the basic rules of The Rolling Film Festival, described below:

Simply send us a link to your film here:
and if we like your film we'll show it!

Criteria for entry:
We are happy to show films that have been screened previously, and will also consider screen music videos, and internet series (individual episodes). Our only rules are:

1) Each film must be 12 minutes or under.
2) Films will only be screened if the filmmakers are present.

It is free to submit and screen films.


There are no entry fees associated with this festival