I am an Abstract Expressionist Artist.

My paintings are expressed out of personal experiences, a human spirit, romantic mood, emotional energy and a freedom of the qualities of brush and palette knife. A movement in style and technique. I have an affinity with the Australian Aborigine 'Dreamtime' which at times is reflected as a  symbolic  influence.
The concept is to encompass global movement of land and water. The gestures of clotted and oil caked surfaces integrates itself to release imagery of symbols, signs and shapes with an emphasis on working from an unconscious mind. To express oneself in painting is to understand a human desire and the importance of passion in art and the essence of composition and design that expresses a non-verbal attitude similar to music.

Graduated from West Australian Institute of Technology  (WAIT) now Curtain University Graphic Design and Painting                                                                    
French Fashion Academy, New York - Textiles and Fashion Design                                            
Travelled to Asia (5 countries) to study Textile design, Silkscreen and Wood blocking.                        
West Virginia University. Gerontology  cum laude

Shown paintings in Australia, Texas, West Virginia, Maryland and Florida.

Member of :
AbstractPainting                                                                                                                      CommunicationArts                                                                                                                 Art Network
Website:      www.ROMAINEKAUFMAN.COM