I understand and have experience in both the creative and business worlds – a perfect combination to lead and organize a product from concept to completion. And, as a code writer for Accenture (Andersen Consulting), I understand the technical aspects required to create online products.

Having grown up in Taipei, Taiwan and worked in both Europe and Asia, I bring a unique perspective to the workplace that helps motivate people to achieve their best. I:
-     Love being a project champion and discovering how to best engage audiences
-     Understand how research helps develop unique success strategies
-     Switch effortlessly between high-level strategy sessions and pitching in
-         Am a natural collaborator who develops strong and trusting partnerships
-     Comprehend the importance of building partnerships between departments within the organization and with outside companies

As the Writer/Director/Producer, my debut feature film “Doggie B” (USA/Canada)  “Doggie Boogie” (International):
•     I lead the entire process from concept creation to negotiating successful distribution deals – including writing, budgeting, scheduling, logistics, special effects, sound, color correction, voice over and packaging
•     Picked up for limited theatrical release/VOD/DVD/TV by Phase 4 Films in the US/Canada and MarVista Entertainment internationally
•     Shot in 4 Months, 12 locations, 4 RED cameras, and over 1,000 cast and crew

I’m positive, flexible, adaptable and creative. I understand how to motivate teams to put forward their best efforts and do whatever-it-takes to succeed.

Please discover more at www.RomanusWolter.com and www.DoggieBoogieMovie.com