One’s Turn provides Entrepreneurial/business opportunities to common people who aspire to become entrepreneurs by providing them a base to convert ideas into profitable execution.
We aid entrepreneurs to overcome basic hindrances and nurture them in smooth running of their business.
One’s Turn assist entrepreneurs in rubbing off their initial obstacles and converting ideas to reality. While we do not take ideas and implement it for entrepreneurs, we give them all the means and guidance for them to do so.
We prefer teams who are passionate, self – dependent and must have the mindset to go to any extent to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. We also provide training as how to prepare a plan from investor’s point of view, vision and execution strategies to the aspiring entrepreneurs. One’s Turn helps entrepreneurs right from an idea stage till profitable execution.
Seed funding is the first stage of funding that a venture receives. It basically takes care of the initial expenses and helps entrepreneurs get off the ground when they need it the most. For such companies that need an initial investment, One’s Turn provides the inclination to the initial channel of ideas.
But, seed funding is NOT just about the money. It’s about the experience and mentoring that is imparted to entrepreneurs on their products, strategies and business models. We and our guest mentors help in shaping their ideas to reality. Entrepreneurs get to learn from them, interact with them, present problems to them and get solutions to the same, and network with some of the brightest minds in the industry.
These are immeasurable benefits that cannot be bought with just money. We also help entrepreneurs connect to potential partners, customers and even investors.
We also mentor entrepreneurs in efficient project management skills and help in selecting the right tools to perform a job, based on our experience. If we cannot ourselves assist in something, we help by connecting entrepreneurs to the right people. Additionally, we give access to support teams like finance content and legal to get the work done fast and efficiently.