I am the Ultimate Tree Hugger. Really, I mean I hug trees! I plain and simply love trees for their beauty, elegance, strength and the good they do for humanity. And these wonderful trees give us everything-- the oxygen we breathe, shelter from the heat, sun and rain, and a place to play when we were kids-- without asking for anything from any of us except to let them be and not destroy them.

So I have become known as “The Tree Lady.” That name was given to be by an artist from Ormond Beach, who was introduced to me by a gallery owner. When he said my name she immediately said, “Oh, the Tree Lady!” very excitedly, as my reputation had already begun. So the name stuck, and people still say, “The Tree Lady” when they meet me.
I mainly paint trees, at least for the moment...but that moment has flickered in and out for over 30 years, just can’t stop it from being there. I paint endangered trees, memorializing them for eternity. I interpret photos of trees my friends and clients send me and paint them with their stories. People are always sending me or tagging me in photos they find that remind them of me especially when they understand the figures that are ever-present in my trees.

Much of my art tells a narrative. My paintings are more than "Pretty Pictures." I do not consider myself a landscape artist,but my trees, in their own right, are landscapes.

In my art, I expose my passion for the human spirit to you, to help you experience my viewpoint of life and nature. My trees display human attributes and include the human form within their branches. After experiencing my art, many have stated that they will never look at a tree the same again.

I want you to see trees like I do. To love them, too, so my narratives are only part of the story and I want the rest to be finished by YOU!

My signature piece, as shown on this page is entitled "I am," and yes, it is a self-portrait of sorts and its descriptive message is: I am deeply rooted, yet feeling new freedom, ready to spring forth headlong into what life offers. it will be an upward struggle but the freedom I have will aid in my enjoyment. My well-groundedness with help with selecting the right steps along my way. Life is but a journey. I feel a compelling need to spring forward and capture each sweet moment in time as it unfolds. It is not always white it appears to be. A closer look needs to be taken to see what is there and what might not be.

Even though I created this piece in 2006, it has become my statement. 2006 was a difficult year for me, but a new beginning, so I have made this work my statement. It is on my business cards and most promotional materials.

Check out my website (you are here already), read my blog to learn about my trees, and purchase paintings or prints directly from here. And, while you are at it, sign up for my newsletter.”–Ronda