HE ROOSEVELT ISLAND FILM FESTIVAL is a new film festival that is dedicated to the discovery and development of independent American and International filmmakers. The festival seeks to discover, support, and inspire independent film, and introduce audiences to new exceptional works, highlighting Female Directors, Emerging NYC Filmmakers, Comedy, and Foreign Language Film.

The brainchild of actress, Toni Vitale, who was inspired to give back to the film community, and found Roosevelt Island to be the perfect location. Having been cast by longtime resident and friend, Daniel Jordano, in one of his films, she found an enthusiastic ally, and together, the friends are launching this festival.

“Having been inspired by other festivals and admiring other’s unique visions of cinema gave me the desire to begin this festival,” says Toni Vitale, “and when I spoke to Daniel, it seems as if our passions just clicked.”

“Having grown up here, I had come to know many in the film industry who had also lived or grown up here including my friend, actor Vincent Spano, comedians, Al Lewis, Buddy Hackett, Mike Epps, and Sarah Jessica Parker, just to name a few,” shares Daniel Jordano. “My own career was started at the Main St. Theater, so how appropriate to start a festival where it all began for me!”

It takes place in the heart of New York City on the stunningly beautiful, two-mile island, nestled between Manhattan and Queens and straddled by the 59th St. Bridge.

The Festival is open to submissions from filmmakers on filmfreeway.com/rooseveltislandfilmfestival. They will be accepting shorts under 30 minutes and feature films under 110 minutes through online screeners.

Visit the website www.rooseveltislandfilmfestival.com for more information.

The Festival will be taking place Friday, August 21st through Sunday, August 23rd, culminating in the awards ceremony where they will bestow the GOLDEN TRAM to the best in fest. @ The Main St. Theater and Dance Alliance. 548 Main St. Roosevelt Island, NY 10044

Contact Information:

Daniel Jordano and Toni Vitale