"Having RootMama definitely made me feel more at ease about giving birth. Being a first-time mom, there were things I didn’t know and didn’t think to question. It was especially nice having someone else support my birthing and lifestyle choices. It was also great to have a doula by my side, coaching and helping me through the delivery."  

RootMama Maternal Care is a comprehensive doula practice that supports mothers and families from preconception and fertility health to postpartum and infant care, and everything in between. Our doulas are bilingual and we serve expectant mothers and their families that speak English and Spanish. We serve the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the ancient and innate wisdom of the woman. We believe that birth is healthiest when it starts on its own. We believe in the regenerative, restorative ability of the female reproductive system. The body is always striving for total health and optimal wellness. If a woman invites RootMama to join her wellness journey, we only enhance and magnify the inherent, healthy efforts of her body. We employ positive affirmation, energy, and encouragement to support mothers and families in their birth and health journey. We are multifaceted and comprehensive in our approach to serving mothers and families. We nurture our mothers with "roots"— with herbs, ancient wisdom, natural remedies, fruits, and traditional movements. We offer solutions and information aimed to remedy the "root" of any problem. Hence, we are RootMama.