RoseannaLeaton.com is a hypnotherapy download site, where our aim is to make hypnosis sessions available to everyone at a reasonable cost. Roseanna specializes in hypnosis for sport, health, self development and in overcoming fears. All recordings are all multi-track digital recordings using the most powerful mind retraining techniques.  With a degree in psychology and numerous qualifications in hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and sports psychology, Roseanna Leaton is one of the leading practitioners of self-improvement.

Our three main competitive advantages are:-
-     high quality, multi-track recording
-     the perfect voice for the job (that’s important!)
-     20 years of experience in clinical therapy

These recordings will assist literally anyone who would like to change their beliefs, attitudes or behavior about anything at all in their life - e.g. gaining public speaking confidence, improving your golf, overcoming anxiety, and so on.

Roseanna started practicing as a hypnotherapist in 1989, working in all areas of self-improvement, ranging from helping people to overcome their fears and phobias, to all aspects of hypnosis for complementary health, to sports mind retraining. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool which allows access to your inner mind, allowing allignment of purpose and resolution of conflicts. Her clinical hypnotherapy practice led to a desire to reach out and help as many people as possible and modern technology has made this possible - recording techniques allow multi-track sessions which produce a deep hypnotic effect, and can be even more effective than a 1:1 session. The ability to download mp3s via the internet was the other technological advancement which paved the way to producing this hypnosis mp3 download website.

Roseanna is passionate about all aspects of complementary health care, including hypnotherapy, and would like to see a continuation of its gradual acceptance into main stream medicine. She is interested in scientific research which confirms its effectiveness, and pleased to see that there is a growing body of evidence which proves how effective hypnosis is for so many things. She loves golf and so have a detailed section on the website devoted to the mental skills involved in this great game. She spends a lot of time now in sunny California and is in the process of selecting a country club to join so that she can feed her  golfing addiction!

Sports mind training accounts for a relatively large section of this hypnosis download website. The other main sections are hypnosis for complementary health, self-improvement and overcoming fears and phobias. Needless to say, hypnosis is probably best known as an effective way of easily losing weight, stopping smoking or stopping biting your finger nails; but these are just a very few of the behavioral changes which hypnosis can assist in making.  Check out the website and see the vast range of titles available – http://www.roseannaleaton.com.