Making a difference to business and the community
The Rotary Club of Crawley, Western Australia, is about developing sustainable relationships that really work.

Based at the WA University Club of Western Australia, RCC is the `bright star' of the Australian Rotary scene having reached a membership of 101 in less than 9 months.
The club has thrown way much of the traditional pomp and ceremony whilst retaining the core principals that has made Rotary one of the world’s largest service organisations.  Its members join over 1.2 million business and professional leaders who, through volunteer service, help meet the needs of communities worldwide.

The Crawley club is specially oriented to time-poor young executives and professionals attracting equal numbers of baby boomers, Gen X and Gen Y.  So when Rotary International President Ray Klinginsmith, a Rotarian of 40 years standing, visited our club he found himself rubbing shoulders with members such as the Club’s Youth Ambassador and UWA undergraduate student, 19-year-old Jacinta Andrade.

RCC has already raised over $30,000 for local and international projects that deal with irradicating poverty, violence towards women and homelessness.

The Club provides its members many opportunities for service and fellowship.
In November 2009, a few “experienced” Rotarians decided that it was easier to start a new Rotary Club, than try to change a one with a traditional model. One month later, boasting 31 Charter Members, we applied for Charter of the RC of Crawley.

Currently our membership stands at around 101 and growing.  

Anyone who found an ongoing weekly commitment difficult has been placed on a “Friends” list and will receive our weekly bulletin for 12 months enabling us to keep the lines of contact open.

The Club meets for breakfast every Thursday between 7 and 8.30am at the University Club, The University of WA, Crawley