Out of Utah comes a new band that is turning heads and catching attention.  Rougarou (pronounced roo ga roo) prides themselves in the way they write their music.  “It’s a collaboration of talent.”  They quickly explain they always write music as a band.

One member will come up with an idea, but that’s where the magic only starts.  Each band member adds the feelings and ideas they hear in their own head.  Songs never end up as what one band member perceives, it ends up as a powerful collaboration of every member of the band.

Each member of the band has various backgrounds.  Once again they say, “That’s our strength.  We are all different and we use that to grow and create something wonderful.  We believe we write better music by involving the group.  We think it’s a model the whole world should try; it works!”

When asked what genre they play they say, “Rougarou.”  They also explain the best way to classify it would be to not lump them into one genre.  It tends to be a mix of rock, punk, grunge, metal, new wave, surf, and whatever else the band members feel while writing.  “It ensures we write music for everyone and the songs always sound different,” they explain.

Rougarou has recently released their 2019 album, “The Legends.”  This album is gaining momentum quickly.  They explain that a Rougarou is a mystical creature of Legend and their songs have legends too.  “It just seemed to fit.”  Their music can be found on their website at http://Rougarou.us, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Shazam, and other locations.