Route 66 Ventures, LLC ("R66”) is a private investment firm focused on helping entrepreneurs shape the financial services landscape of tomorrow by providing Venture Capital and Credit solutions to emerging financial technology and services companies.

Route 66’s Venture Capital team invests globally in early and growth stage disruptors, incumbents and service providers throughout various sectors in the financial services ecosystem. Route 66’s Credit team seeks to fund alternative lending platforms and business models with balance sheet needs by providing secured debt facilities and purchasing whole loans.

R66 is actively seeking new investments to broaden its portfolio and to leverage the expertise of its team and its substantial asset base.

Together, R66 and its subsidiaries' teams have over 100 years' experience in commercial banking, investment banking, balance sheet management, investment and wealth management, securitization, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions and operations of high growth business entities in the financial services, banking, retail, real estate, investment management and software/internet industries.

Our capital source is very stable which allows us the benefit of being agnostic when contemplating investment holding periods. We are equally comfortable being long term or short term investors. Whether in need of equity or debt capital, when we become your partner, we want to help you grow and achieve your vision.

Please visit our web site: http://www.route66ventures.com