Ruaha Energy delivers renewable energy solutions to underserved rural markets in Tanzania. By installing sustainable, clean energy solutions that optimize the renewable resources available in each market or village we serve, our power generation facilities increase our customer’s access to reliable, affordable energy.

This creates a virtuous development cycle that helps unlock the entrepreneurial potential of customers. Reliable power increases our customer’s capacity and ability to employ value-added agro-processing, light manufacturing, refrigeration, woodworking, and metal working activities, creates a positive economic impact in their communities, and improves overall village quality of life characteristics.

Our projects fall into two categories; standalone off-grid Village Scale facilities, and grid connected Utility-Scale facilities, and utilize renewable energy technologies including hydropower, solar photovoltaics, and biomass.

We have established strategic partnerships and relationships with: local governmental and regulatory agencies, engineering and construction management firms (US), renewable energy partners (Germany, India, Sweden), our equipment manufacturing consortium (US), and international governmental agencies (US & EU).

Our Chief Executive has lived and worked in Tanzania for ten years, and has over 25 years’ experience working in frontier and emerging markets. We have a modern headquarters campus that includes warehouses, a workshop, offices, parking and storage facilities and an in-house construction company with civil and building contractor’s licenses. This gives us expertise, flexibility, and speed to market capabilities in building out our power generation facilities.