The Rubit! is a pet accessory manufacture and distributor specializing in unique innovative designs for modern pet owners

The original stylish tag clip is designed for the modern dog owner. Multiply collars for style or function are now standard accessories for most dog owners. The Rubit! provides a quick release design to easily move dog tags between collars and eliminates the struggle with the tags metal split ring. The clip functions between the collar and the tags metal ring.

The Rubit! has been market proven in US distribution channels including Catalog, Online Stores, independent retailers and store chains. It has great retail value as an accessory for tag or collar sales as well as a popular convenience item at counter check out.

The dog tag clip is available in two styles (Round & Curved), two sizes (Large & Junior), and seven popular colors. A three prong retail counter display is available with a mix of our most popular sizes and colors. The clips are also available in 24 unit cases packaged by color and size.