Expert providers of low profile electric underfloor heating to the DIY and retrofit market.

Our hero product is the RugBuddy™ under rug heater.  It's a special type of electric heater that goes on top of your floor and under your rug. Just lift your rug, unroll the RugBuddy™, lay the rug back down, and plug in!  You can quickly enjoy all the benefits of underfloor heating without having to dig up your floor.

If you're replacing your flooring then TileWarm™ and WoodBWarmer™ are for you.  These advanced DIY kits give you access to the sophisticated and high quality electric underfloor heating technology the professionals like to use.  Choose TileWarm™ under tiles or stone, and WoodBWarmer™ under laminate or engineered wood.

Both TileWarm™ and WoodBWarmer™ share a unique low profile heater element (<2mm!) so matching floor levels is not an issue.  Under tiles or stone, TileWarm™ sits in the adhesive.  Under laminate or wood, WoodBWarmer™ sits on top of the underlay.  So with both products the heater becomes part of the floor finish and gives you very quick response times and hence great efficiency.

All 3 products have unique self regulating properties and are very safe and durable.