Defeat Corrosion. Less maintenance, more reliability for long-term ROI. Products for superior corrosion control of metal, concrete and other surfaces.Get the solution that has been missing from the picture for some time: corrosion protection that withstands the real-world rigors and changing variables in aggressive corrosion environments. Outstanding performance objectives are met using these targeted products. Each product has been developed and tested to provide years of consistent, low-maintenance protection. Coatings reduce surface oxidation by more than 98%, while surface prep prevents coating failure and improves coating performance. Surface prep removes micro-contaminants from metals for better welds and better coating adhesion. Advanced coatings provide surfaces with high resistance to a comprehensive range of agents and actions such as abrasion, filiforming, UV, chlorides, sulfurs, water, alkalis, oils, fuels, specific acids, fungus and mold that contribute to corrosion processes.