Located in Southern California since the year 2000, RushFiling has offered professional document preparation services at market-beating prices. This family-owned & operated company goes the extra mile to assist individuals with business entity formations (corporation, LLC, LLP, etc.), trade name registration (DBA and much more.

The exceptional staff at RushFiling.com is always ready to answer your questions and offer our services with a personal touch. It’s not uncommon for a customer to want to move forward with a business formation, for example, but simply does not have the time, the energy or the expertise. With RushFiling, all you need to do is make one call and we take care of the rest.

All of the services we perform are professionally reviewed at the time you place your order and again when your order is shipped. RushFiling understands the importance of these procedures to our customer, and we therefore strive to maintain a high degree of expertise and a fast turnaround time. Most services we offer are commenced within 24 to 48 hours. RushFiling also extends a 100% money back guarantee if you our customer are not completely satisfied.

While RushFiling.com is not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice, we understand the procedural “ins” and “outs” of document preparation and filing in every state. Over the years RushFiling has developed relationships with hundreds of governmental agencies nationwide. RushFiling is also directed by a select advisory group of attorneys, partners and investors.

We at RushFiling think of ourselves as your true associates. We’re here for you as your partners whenever you decide to incorporate, change your name, file for divorce, obtain a taxpayer ID number, or choose any other service we offer.