Introduction to Russell Associates
Russell Associates is a training, testing, inspections and related management software systems company that works side by side with our clients to develop tools that effectively and efficiently help you do business better.
We help companies like yours in multiple industries solve real problems, grow profits and realize a positive return on their investment. Our consultative approach results in better trained employees; improved training, testing, and inspection processes; greater efficiencies, reduced risk, and lower costs. We've been doing it for over 30 years!
Russell Associates uses technology appropriately to improve effectiveness and capture efficiencies, providing solutions for employee training, testing, documentation and reporting, and for eliminating paper from inspections, audits, and observations
Our team is comprised of experienced and successful business professionals, curriculum designers, educators, writers, programmers, and graphic designers.  We adhere to a high personal and business code of ethics, providing the most precise, practical, impartial technical and professional assistance available.
inspectiTRAC™- is a tablet-based software designed to make inspections and audits trouble-free by integrating your inspection/audit criteria and location visuals directly into the program design. This product effectively reduces the time needed to complete the entire inspection process (collection, data entry, reporting and storage) while efficiently reducing errors in data entry. The system links seamlessly with inspectiTRAC™ manager, a cloud-based management tool for reporting, alerting and scheduling audits and inspections, and inspectiTRAC™ administrator, a platform for creating and editing the maps and inspection criteria used by the inspectiTRAC™ program.
CBT- also referred to as e-learning or computer-based training, is a learning format that is the preferred choice for individualized training.  This method of delivery has proven to increase retention, reduce training time and is a cost-effective way to actively engage all the senses in the learning process.  It provides flexibility in training delivery; it is available 24/7; training is consistent and content can be customized to the procedures; terminology and requirements of a specific company or industry, bringing the skills of new employee to a higher level faster.
intRAtrain™- is a Learning Management System (LMS) designed for small and mid-sized companies. This breakthrough LMS is easily navigated and used by administrators and students alike. intRAtrain™ gives you the freedom to create and register for classes, enroll students, track completion, create and print testing and assessments, record results, print classroom rosters, deliver e-learning, access standard and custom reports and much more.
TotalTrain™- a library of online computer training for businesses and professionals includes are over 3,000 online computer training courses on Business and Professional Development, Personal Development, Legal Compliance, Environmental Safety and Health, Workplace Safety, Desktop Computing, and much, much more! TotalTrain is your one-stop source for training in a wide range of disciplines, subjects, and levels. TotalTrain™ is affordable and courses are accessible 24/7 with just the click of a button.  
TotalTrain™ Blended Learning Solutions- TTBLS is a proven six-phase performance system that brings novice or experienced learners to performance mastery faster and with greater motivation than traditional training programs. It combines pre- and post-assessment to ensure that all participants learned the critical and need-to-know information; performance contracting that sets desired behavior change; eLearning that maximizes knowledge transfer; live learning that optimizes skill development; and virtual coaching / reinforcement that ensures ongoing focus and extends the behavior and performance change process.
SafeTrain- is a library of more than 50 online training courses on topics from personal protective equipment to HACCP training to food safety. These courses help modify employee behavior and practices to ensure consumer and employee safety. SafeTrain™ general safety courses focus on employee health and safety performance by influencing and standardizing employee actions, behaviors, and practices to reduce accidents and incidents. Food safety courses help ensure safe operation of facilities and equipment including the safe handling of food and food products.