especially within a year of operating as a home business. We now have a commercial address for our


Ruutos started its journey over five years ago, with a mission to provide premium lace wigs and hair

extensions and to all women. It has been our endeavour to raise the bar by creating a high standard

in the field of hair care products.

A senior executive speaking of the conviction of the company adds,” The company from the day of

its inception has been striving to help women boost their confidence. We understand that women,

in particular, are conscious about their looks, which has an impact on their confidence, as well. We

aim to help every woman embrace her beauty and love her hair naturally.”

Though, the company has been in the field of hair care for more than five years, it launched its own

brand of hair care line on the 21st July of 2014. Ruutos Moisture range of hair care products was

introduced and was well received by product enthusiasts who appreciated the superior quality of

our products.  

The company takes social responsibility very seriously.  All the products of the company are safe to

use. With a strict environment policy in place, the company maintains that all the ingredients used

for the manufacturing of different products are biodegradable.

The team quotes an example in this regard, “we have a 360 degree understanding of the hair care

industry, it helps us use only those ingredients that are safe to use and helps the growth of hair

naturally. We offer Sulphate free shampoos and conditioners, as sulphate not only damages the

useful natural characteristics of the hair, but also carries health risks.”

Speaking on the occasion the CEO of Ruutos adds, “We wanted to develop high quality products of

good standard that are easy to use and effective. Such a feature makes the products appealing to

different types of customer, from those who are well informed, to those who are not so informed

about hair care products in general.

The Ruutos business opportunity helps discover the entrepreneur zeal in the society. Ruutos offers

its products exclusively through associates working from home. The company understands the value

of entrepreneurship and strives to help those with the entrepreneur zeal. All associates are

registered with the company and they help introduce Ruutos products to their customers through

person-to-person contact.