About RXP

Rx Partnership is a public/private partnership which exists to increase access to medication for Virginia’s vulnerable populations and serve as a resource to the organizations that support these populations.  To accomplish this, RxP serves as a broker – soliciting donated bulk medications from seven pharmaceutical companies and arranging for their distribution to 22 Affiliate free clinics and community health centers with licensed pharmacies throughout the Commonwealth.  Since 2003, RxP has performed an essential role with the health safety net and has led an innovative and effective effort to increase access to free medication for uninsured citizens across Virginia, providing more than 539,659 prescriptions (valued at over $125.4 million) for more than 60,453 unduplicated patients.

RxP provides a straightforward and effective solution to the problem of access to prescription medication for the uninsured by connecting free clinics directly to pharmaceutical manufacturers donating medication in bulk. Through RxP, affiliate clinics are able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars previously spent on purchasing medication, which can allow them to hire clinicians, serve more patients, purchase vital medical supplies, and initiate programs addressing patient’s lifestyle changes.

RxP’s role is to act as a supporting organization that leverages resources invested in the affiliate clinics, which provide the direct care.  RxP coordinates the delivery of donated mediation to the clinics including: processing and tracking monthly medication requests, providing additional medications as needs rise, soliciting new pharmaceutical partners, conducting an annual audit to ensure only eligible patients receive medication, and providing training and resources to further reduce pharmacy costs and increase efficiency.