RxResults provides prescription benefit advisory services to health care payers such as large self funded employers, insurance providers, government-based employee benefits programs, and state Medicaid programs. RxResults is not a prescription benefit management company (PBM). Rather, it manages and supplements PBM services as an advocate for health care payers. Services include prescription claims analysis and consultation, drug formulary management, PBM contract review and consultation, PBM procurement management, specialty/bio-technology pharmacy services, and medication therapy management.

RxResults’ mission is to reduce prescription expenditures by applying an evidence-based medicine model that results in the lowest net costs for health care payers while ensuring quality clinical outcomes for patients.  Using this model, RxResults can reduce it's clients' prescription plan costs by 10-17%. Unlike strategies applied by others, RxResults does not generate savings by increasing patients’ cost sharing (co-payments) amounts.  In fact, there are significant savings for patients as well as the health care payer when applying the RxResults model.