S-PLANE Automation (Pty) Ltd is an internationally recognised aerospace and defence company specialising in product supply and development of autonomous systems and related subsystems. Our focus is fixed- and rotary-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and their navigation, flight control and mission management subsystems. Product and development scope spans both the civil and military UAV markets, and also extends to autonomous land, sea-surface and underwater vehicles and their subsystems.

Our slogan, Client Centred Automation Solutions, accurately captures the company’s outlook and business model. Our approach is to work with and understand our clients’ requirements, before tailoring a specific solution to precisely meet their needs. Solutions are realised through application and adaptation of our mature baseline products and technology building-blocks, with strategic custom and cooperative development as required.

All of our products are available qualified and certified to appropriate industrial, aeronautical and military standards. Our highly qualified staff are well versed in professional, standards-based system, safety, software and hardware engineering, required to meet the safety, reliability and quality requirements of the aviation and defence industries. We pride ourselves in responsible and professional product development, sensible market and business strategies, and above all client satisfaction.