SAAM, Inc. has developed a series of smart devices that will replace current home smoke, fire, gas, and air quality alarms. Our patented technology will detect smoke, fire, and toxic gas in seconds vs. 30+ min. for current devices. Additionally, SAAM will provide occupants with real-time data regarding their air quality - transforming today’s passive smoke detectors into interactive smart devices much like Ring with the doorbell and Nest with the thermostat.

SAAM will introduce the SP4, a table-top and portable device that will monitor for chemical changes in the air indicative of smoke, fire, and gas while also monitoring the air for allergens including pollen, dust mites, dust, dander, smoke, bacteria, and mold spores to name a few.

The SC4 will be a ceiling mounted device with the same capabilities as the SP4. The SP4 and SC4 will have audible alerts as well as communicate alerts directly to a smart phone so that you can monitor your home remotely. The S-Series of devices will maintain historical data, minimize nuisance alarms by identifying the types of gases and chemicals in the air with proprietary algorithms.