SANS Inc., Software and Network Solutions, is a leading provider of instructional technology for spoken and visual languages.  We are the developer and exclusive licensor of Sony Language Learning Software, a digital language lab suite that includes Sony Virtuoso™ instructor control interface and Soloist® digital comparative recorder and media player.

Technology for Any Language Program:
Our instructional technology is not “language specific”, meaning that it can be used as an instructional tool for most spoken and visual languages.  Hosts of schools and government agencies with World Language programs, ESL programs, and American Sign Language and Interpreter Training programs, and even Music programs are incorporating our software into their curriculum.

This scalable technology focuses interactivity between the instructor and students with options specifically for AP® and other oral testing, multi-teacher and distance learning applications, and American Sign Language and interpreter training programs.  While providing instructional control, the software enables more interpersonal communication (audio and video) so that students have increased opportunities use the language to develop core skills.

Flexible Learning 24/7:
Today where space and time have become “anywhere, anytime” we have a dedicated interest in providing technology not only for the instructional classroom but also a solution to meet the needs of teachers and language learners that require flexibility in where and when they are learning. Our SANSSpace™ VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) provides a virtual link to manage and deliver language course content.  A built-in digital comparative recorder enables students to develop listening and speaking skills; save their work; and create digital portfolios as they progress through their language studies. SANSSpace tools enable study on or off campus – virtually anywhere via the internet.

Customers First:
At SANS, we value the input that our customers provide.   We realize that our software must first and foremost address teaching and learning modalities, and work within the IT framework of the school or agency that is using the technology. With design, development, and support in the United States, our product development team responds quickly to our customers’ needs and requests. Our sales and marketing team strives to provide a level of customer support that is unparalleled in the industry.   Our solutions are dynamic.