SBV Pro is the leader in video, photography and website production. We specialize in on-line marketing for businesses small and large and are capable of handling any client from coast to coast. Backed by 30 years of combined industry experience, we take great pride in providing our clients with the very best digital photography, video production and website design & hosting. All in a strategic effort to help leverage YOUR marketing and sales efforts.

Whether your business requires a simple "brochure style" website with product photography or more complex video "mini-mercial", SBVPro can meet YOUR needs today and in the future. Our goal is to consistently provide you and your business with the highest quality product for the Web, DVD and Broadcast Television.

In this day and age, relying on a marketing strategy that does not include a comprehensive web presence (website, video & photos) is a doomed strategy. Sometimes word-of-mouth just isn't enough. Especially in down economic times like today. You need to sell not only your product but yourself more then ever!

According to a December 2008 survey performed by TNS, 63% of Internet users researched a product or service before buying it. We live in a “YouTube” generation where billions of videos are served and streamed daily. You need to keep your buyers engaged. Can your business afford to not have a web presence? Can it afford not to promote your business and its products and services in the best possible light? That’s where SBVPro comes in. We’ll utilize our experience and expertise to produce high quality photos, broadcast quality videos and websites for your business.

When drive by traffic and a newspaper ads just aren’t enough, choose SBVPro to take care of your on-line marketing needs.

   * We are experts in capturing the atmosphere and culture of business to elicit an emotional response from the customer.
   * We pride ourselves on product quality, usability, and timeliness of delivery for our customers.
   * Our videographers and photographers are the best of the best. Each undergoes a rigorous qualification process, to
     ensure the best possible quality across the board.
   * Our professional editors use the same tools with which 90% of Hollywood Movies and Television shows are created.

Some of our clients include MyNewPlace.com, The Art Institute of California-Los Angeles, DedeMed.com, WOW Special Events, Malibu Horizons Rehab Facility, E-Marketed, Re/Max and many more. We use jib-cranes, professional lighting, teleprompters as well as the best SD/HD video camera equipment available.