Our aim is to give you a place to shop for great items, at great prices, with great service. To achieve this every single time you make an order at SCHMICclick Online you get free registered shipping on all items ordered, and if you join up to subscribe to our newsletter you become a SCHMICvip giving you access to further discounts and free Starbucks coffee.

Our priority product niche is to supply a range of high demand personal electronic products, and their accessories. With a major emphases on exclusive release products, and new to market products.  

We currently stock over 1100 products, and ship to over 150 countries.

Some of our key products include:
Moxo XOne | Levitating bluetooth speaker    
AQUACELL | Water powered batteries          
Lenovo | K900 Smart-phone                                                  
Our key customer demographic is; Tech savvy, budget conscious consumers looking for the best products at the best value for money, to cater to this key demographic we keep a range of products in all price brackets with a focus category of items under $20. We include free registered shipping with all orders to push the value even further. To honour our promise of great service, we make it easy for our customers to contact us online, and employ dedicated, friendly customer support staff to answer all enquires. We provide contact boxes on different information pages at SCHMICclick.com, and a dedicated contact us page.
As well as the above contact methods we keep up a strong social media presence, and provide direct chat services using Skype.

We welcome any, and all communication from our customer and encourage as much feedback as possible on all site features, functions, products, and more to better improve our service ability.

SCHMICclick Online is hosted on Bigcommerce lightning-fast SAS 70 Type II certified servers. Our data centre employs hacker deterrent security provisioning, three redundant network architecture and hardware firewalls. Our store is automatically PCI compliant, and our entire network is independently audited against stringent PCI security standards every three months. We're proud to use featured technology on both Visa and Mastercard's lists of PCI-compliant providers. We use Papal Secure Checkout as our main checkout option so our customers can purchase with confidence, our store's checkout is automatically 100% secured with high-grade encryption via SSL.

We are looking forward to working with our new customers to better expand our product range, improve pricing, increase our rewards programs, and overall provide you with the best online store for all your home shopping needs.

Contact Information:

PRIVACY POLICY: SCHMICclick.com/privacy


All pricing is in Australian Dollars.                                                                                                                                

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