Over 100 Volunteer Business Executives and Specialists who give of their time to help small businesses succeed.

Two of SCORE Cincinnati Clients achieved National Recognition recently as they were awarded  "2013 SCORE Outstanding Woman-Owned Small Business" and "2013 SCORE Outstanding Non-Profit."  Click here for details.
"Our Volunteers have highly successful and diversified business backgrounds".
70% of our clients last year were starting a business and 30% were in-business.
Clients we worked with created 305+ new jobs in the Cincinnati area last year.
48% of our clients are Women, 47% are Minorities and 17% are Veterans.
We provided over 4,000 Face to Face, Group, and E-mail Counseling sessions last year.  Click here to schedule yours.
We also provided 47 Free and low cost workshops for 938 attendees in topics ranging from Startup Basics, Business Plan Development. Financial Mgt,. Social Media for business and Marketing & Sales Strategies etc. Click here for current list.
And Free access to our library of over 100 small business related educational briefs for clients to continuously educate themselves on better business practices.  Click here to access

Services We Offer:

Free One-on-One Counseling

It's free! It's unlimited! We provide you with expertise that will start you on the right path towards your business goals. Learn what to do and what not to do by leveraging the knowledge and experience of our SCORE Counselors. No matter what your business, you will find someone who can help you in the greater Cincinnati area.  As one client recently said about one our counselors, “The SCORE Counselor was very helpful, listened to my questions and concerns and helped me to break things down so it didn't seem so overwhelming.”

Free Group Counseling

Available to all local SCORE clients on Wednesdays, with emphasis given to those already in-business with more complex needs.  One (1) hour appointments are scheduled with each client with ongoing periodic follow up meetings to discuss progress.  At each meeting clients meet with several SCORE counselors who have different business backgrounds and areas of expertise to meet their needs.  Recommendations on different ways to overcome their challenges are discussed and then all align on a plan of action.  As one SCORE client recently stated, “Score (Group Counseling) has been extremely helpful… Score professionals are just that - they are pro's who give their time and energy to start up businesses and I don’t think I could have made it the last month without their assistance.”

Confidential Meetings

When we receive your "Request A Meeting" form, a Counselor will call you to schedule a time and place for your first consultation. Thereafter, you can call the Counselor for more consultation as the need arises. We are here to help you on an on-going basis. There is no limit in the number of meetings you can have or in the time period over which you can ask for help.

Business Seminars

SCORE offers a series of very popular low-cost and FREE seminars throughout the year. A sampling includes:

"Starting and Nurturing Your Business" provides a comprehensive overview of what you should know about starting and successfully operating your own business.

"Financial Management and Funding" focuses on the financial aspects of owning a small business, including how to get funds from institutions and how to manage your cash.

"Marketing/Sales Strategies for Small Businesses and How to Effectively Use the Web" deals with how to create a marketing plan, including competition, price, and advertising considerations, as well as using the Internet to improve your earnings.

These seminars and many others are conducted by SCORE members and small business experts, and they encourage open discussion as they share their expertise and experience. The programs have been praised by those who have attended them, local lenders, and the Small Business Administration.  

The Greater Cincinnati SCORE Library

Leveraging the expertise of our counselors we have written 100+ easy to understand FREE proprietary Business Briefs on a wide variety of business subjects including:  Buying a Business, Financial Management, Marketing Your Product, Buying a Franchise, Insurance, Legal Issues, Developing a Business Plan, Taxes, Pricing, Organization Structures, Loans, Start-Up, Fictitious & Trade Names, Marketing Strategy, Cash Flow Projections, Leasing vs Buying, SBA Programs, Advertising, Patents & Copyrights, Trademarks & Service Marks, Independent Contractors, E-Commerce, Taxes, Licenses & Permits and Credit to a Customer.

You will receive free copies of those Business Briefs relevant to your business during your counseling session.