In this smart world everything is connected with each other and making smart and easy work in less time. There are much these kinds of technologies that can help you in making your own car smart. All of these techs require you connect your smart phone and other car devices with that and you are all set to go.
But some people are excited about new cars like Faraday‘s FF91, Tesla’s Hybrid SUV and other but the thing here is that why can’t we bring them to existing cars. These new future cars will be arriving in near years of 2020. I don’t have any obsession to these new cars; I also like their work and ideas. The reason that stands here is that they are not affordable to the average income people.
But there is still much opportunity to make your car smarter than ever and make it look great. And thanks to almighty god, I am not alone here thinking this way. Many big companies like Google, T-Mobile and some small startups are building technologies that offer smartness to existing cars.
If we talk about Google, they have made an Android Play Device that allows you to experience in-car Android Auto interface. In this mode your mobile screen changes to more simplified with big icon and limited but focused menu options.
Same in with the T-Mobile, ZTE, a Chinese hardware company and Mojio, App developer have introduced device called SyncUP DRIVE, and OBD-II port dongle that let you experience wifi in car. They didn’t stop here; they added a car diagnostic system in the dongle that is synced with mobile app developed by Mojio.
These car techs are whether looks like small things but they have so much better thing that you get for your car and in lesser price. These techs help you experiences all those feature that future cars have in your existing car and you don’t have to wait for that long.

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