Are you an independent owner or a building contractor entrusted with the task of building housing in Saudi? In both cases you will need the invaluable services of a engineering consultant firm such as S D Engineering, SA for comprehensive engineering supervision (اشراف هندسي) and completion of the project. The engineering entity in SA has to its credit a number of structural designing projects that they have got completed with the help of their highly competent engineers, architects, interior designers, building crew, material and equipment suppliers.
The company has a big reputation of delivering engineering projects in a timely manner and the processes they involve in the projects will include architectural drawings in 3D, interior designs, electrical network design and installation, air conditioning systems and duct building, and other engineering projects.    
The company has to its credit number of   private, public and commercial projects that they have delivered fully completed and approved within a stipulated time frame. The expert they employ coming from different fields of engineering, construction, interior design and other services required for the completion of a construction or engineering project.
They employ qualified and experienced supervisory staff to oversee your projects and ensure quality standards are maintained throughout. They also take the onus of getting approval from concerned authorities because they are accredited consultancy firms that have the qualification and license to undertake construction and engineering projects in Saudi Arabia.
Land fragmentation (تقسيم الاراضي) or land division comes under the sphere of engineering work and they are qualified and authorized land division consultants in Saudi Arabia. you can expect their engineers to be knowledgeable and precise while executing land fragmentation. They are licensed land surveyors and will do an accurate job of your land division. If you want to know the extent of their engineering services related to construction and others visit their website.  
Their achievement lists include Riyadh Municipality,   Saudi council of Engineering, Technology Zones and Saudi Authority for Industrial cities. You can have a direct chat with them by calling the number 0534193000 or sending mail to and also get a free quote in the process.
About SD Engineering
S.D. engineering, SA is a Riyadh-based architectural engineering consultant for both domestic and government constructions and their array of engineering include architectural designs, building engineering, electrical engineering,  mechanical and fire prevention engineering and more. Saudi Council of Engineering, Technology Zones and Saudi Authority for Industrial cities.